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About us

Climate Action Catalyst - Who are we

What do we do?

We empower SMEs in kickstarting their journey towards net-zero through our climate consulting solutions. By leveraging globally recognized standards from highly reputable organizations and corporate best practices worldwide, we provide a whole array of best-in-class climate solutions at affordable rates to SMEs.

Who are we?

As our world battles against the climate crisis, we are a here to catalyse more climate-resilient business models for our Singaporean SMEs.

Climate Action Catalyst - What do we do
Climate Action Catalyst - Why do we do what we do

Why do we do what do we do?

SMEs - the lynchpin of the climate crisis

SMEs generate a significant amount of emissions both in Singapore and worldwide. In a report done by HSBC and BCG, it was found that 80% of the world's emissions come from global supply chains and up to 90% of such supply chains can be represented by SMEs.

The problem

However, SMEs are ill-equipped and under-prepared to reduce their emissions. BCG and HSBC reported that less than 1/6 of SMEs have defined carbon reduction targets and a vast majority had no plans to transition to net zero.

What is our mission?

We understand that transitioning to net zero business models is highly complex and challenging. Climate Action Catalyst's mission is to support SMEs in transforming their business models to meet today and tomorrow's largest environmental challenges.

Climate Action Catalyst - Our mission
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